A Custom Wig Company




The following is a list of some of the services I offer. These are the base prices and subject to change as all wigs will be individualized.


Wig Styling - Starting at $75

Styling is the process of creating a specific look in a wig. Whether a wig of your own or one purchased from ConHair Wigs, I can create almost any style. Your imagination is the limit.


Hand-Tied Front HairLine - Starting at $250

A hand-tied front hairline will match your own natural hair growth pattern or a modified hairline (ie widows peak) and look like the hair is growing out of your head. I use a fine mesh that is nearly invisible on lighter skin tones and can be easily colored for darker or non-natural skin tones (ie green).

Rose Tico Star Wars Inspired Wig

Hand-Tied Nape Hairline - Starting at $150

For wigs that will be styled up or in pony tail, I recommend a hand-tied nape hairline. This eliminates the visibility of the tracks of hair, a dead giveaway for a wig. The hand-tied nape makes the hair look like its coming out of your head, not off of a wig


Facial Hair - Starting at $75

Mustaches, sideburns, beards, eyebrows, or anything else! Hand-tied and color matched to whatever specifications you would like. I can create various curls and textures to make the hair look more natural.

IMG_2607 (1).PNG

Alterations - Starting at $50

Any additions, whether weft/hair or extensive changing of the wig or facial hair foundation will be considered an alteration.